Friday, July 13, 2012

Aniston Bailey Ward

Aniston Bailey Ward was born on Friday, June 15th at 7:29am. She was 6 lbs 12 oz & 19 inches long. She is a beautiful little Girl and we love our new little addition to our family.  

 I had a scheduled Csection and we had to be at the hospital around 5:30am in the morning. We were actually on time. (With my csection with Roxie we were about an hour late) They got me all prep and ready to go to the OR to get little Aniston out. The Csection went really well and before I knew it she was here and I was in the recovery room. We were excited to see who she looked like more...Reese or Roxie? (She looks alot like Reese) We had still not decided on a name and it was Jesse's job to pick out a name. So the day before he changed his mind on the name we had been telling everyone it was going to be....Tynlee. So on our way to the hospital he was kinda leaning towards Stella. Well then when I got back to my hospital room he came in with her and I asked him what her name was and he surprised me by telling it was...Aniston. It was a name we had talked about but I didn't think he really liked it. I am happy with his choice and she really looks like an Aniston to me.  

After Jesse and I had a little time with Aniston we called my Mom and told her to bring up the girls to meet their new little Sister. They were both so excited to come and see her. Once they got there the fun began!! Roxie was immediately in love and all she wanted to do was hold her. Reese and my Mom didn't get to hold her for very long because Roxie would have an absolute fit is she was not holding her. In all the photos that we took after the girls got there Roxie has tears rolling down her face and a runny nose from all her crying she was doing when she wasn't holding her.

I had to stay at the hospital until Sunday and then I was able to go home and get settled. We had a lot of family and friends come and see us at the hospital. We are so grateful for all those who came and saw us and spent time with us. Also we are grateful for everyone that helped with Reese and Roxie while we were in the hospital. (Thanks again Mom, Dad, Chase, Taylor and Bre) We are blessed to have such great family that is always willing to help us out! We love you all!

After we were home for a couple of days Jesse, Aniston and I headed over to Sun Valley for a few days for Jesse's Summer Regional for work. We decided to leave Reese and Roxie home with Jesse's family so I could just relax and get some rest. (Thanks Again Kristen, Liz, Dallas and Jyl!!) It was hard to leave the girls again so soon but it was really great to be able to rest and recover a little bit. Jesse had meetings every morning we were there until about noon so needless to say Aniston and I slept until he got done with meetings. Ha Ha it was wonderful! Then we spent the rest of the time there relaxing on our balcony (Jesse got us a nice Suite in the Inn), going to a few of his company things in the evenings and just enjoying beautiful Sun Valley! We were there for four days and by the time we left I felt like a new women! It was great!

We have adjusted really well to having 3 kids! I know things will only get more fun and I can't wait! It defiantly takes a little longer for me to get everyone ready to go anywhere and Jesse and I are defiantly out numbered now but we are figuring it all out. We are so grateful for our new little additional and for Reese and Roxie as well. I feel bad that it has taken so long to get this all posted on Aniston but we have just been so busy this past month. Better late then never!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rome Trip - Day 7 Sunday

Sunday morning was when were were leaving. We had to have our luggage ready to be picked up by 6:30am and have breakfast before we left at 7:00am on the shuttle to the airport. We arrived at the airport and made our way through security and then waited for our 10:45am flight. It was a 9.5 hour plane ride to Washington D.C. and let me tell you it was a long one! I couldn't sleep at all on the plane so that made it terrible long. Jesse on the other hand slept like a baby most of the flight! We made it into Washington D.C at 3:00pm and waited for our next flight to SLC which was at 7:00pm. The flight from Washington to SLC was about 4.5 hours so not as bad as the first one but once again I couldn't sleep and by this time my behind was so sore from sitting I just couldn't get comfortable. And then there was Jesse again fast asleep for most the flight...haha. We made it into SLC about 10:30 pm, grabbed our luggage, checked into our hotel and went and grabbed the girls from BreAna and Linc's. We were both so excited to see them it didn't matter what time we got there we were going to get them!! Neither of them would really wake up to see up but that was okay. We took them back to our hotel to try to get some rest.

Monday morning we had fun showing them what we had bought them and hearing how much fun they had with everyone all week long while we were gone. We went back over to Bre's and had lunch with her and the kids. After lunch we headed home. It was nice to be back home and get all our stuff put away. We headed to Blackfoot to pick up Dakota and have dinner with my parents and Chase and Taylor. Then we headed to Jesse's parents to pick up Sage and tell them about the trip. It was great to back home with our Girls and sleep in our own bed!

We had a great time and are so grateful to have had a opportunity we had to experience Rome! We feel blessed that Jesse works for such a great Company that knows how to take care of their employees and show them that they are appreciated. This was just one of many great trips our family will be able to enjoy and we are excited about that!

Rome Trip - Day 6 Saturday

This was our last full day in Rome and had few last things we wanted to see that were actually pretty close to our hotel and we needed to pick up a few more souvenirs. I really enjoyed looking for souvenirs for everyone because I just liked walking through all the little shops. We still had not seen the Pantheon so that was going to one of first stops. We headed that direction and it amazed me how many different monuments and buildings you just run across while you are heading to a certain place. We made it to the Pantheon and were able to walk through and take a few photos. We then sat out in the court yard in front of the Pantheon for a bit and just kinda people watched. Then we decided to make our way down to this market place our friends had told up about. We found a little restaurant there and had lunch. In this market place there were artists that had their artwork displayed. We walked around for a bit and then bought a couple paintings that we liked.
We decided to make our way back up to our hotel and see what else we would run across on our way back. We saw many more monuments and interesting places on our way. One being a mall that had places like Gucci, Prada etc. It was just kinda fun to walk through and see all these beautiful shops. We walked back past the Spanish Steps again and then made it to our hotel. We rested a little and packed a little and then had to go to our last dinner there. It was at our hotel with all the Edward Jones group. We had nice dinner and a little desert and then headed back to our room to finish packing and get some rest before we had to leave early the next morning.

I loved this building in the courtyard in front of the Pantheon.

Rome Trip - Day 5 Friday

Friday we got up and ate a little breakfast and headed on the Metro over to The Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. We met back up with the tour guide that gave us the tour of Palatine Hill the day before. His name was Colin and is from England. He gave us a tour of the Vatican Museum first. All of the paintings by Michelangelo and Raphael were amazing. Personally I loved Raphael's paintings the best. They weren't the light and pastel colors like most the other paintings. They were bright and bold. After the museum we walked through a court yard to another building that lead us to the Sistine Chapel. When you first walked into the building it was a long hall way of Roman sculptures. They were all amazing to look at and very interesting to hear about some of their stories. As we made our way though all of the hallways of sculptures you finally make it to the Sistine Chapel. You are not allowed to take any photos in there so we don't have any inside. There were alot of very interesting things we did learn about though while in the Chapel.

After our tour was over we made our way out of the Vatican museum and headed back down into town and walked through a local market and through some of the little shops. Jesse picked up some really pretty dress shoes at one of the little shoe shops and we picked up a few souvenirs for family while we were there. We then jumped back onto the metro and headed back to our Hotel for a bit to meet up with some friends to go to dinner.

We rode the metro to a plaza and walked to the restaurant that we all wanted to try. We found the place but they were full and we didn't have a reservation so we had to go and find another place to eat. We walked back up the road about a block or so and found this little place called Pizza Re'. We looked at the menu for a minute but were not sure if this was where we wanted to eat or not. Then an Italian couple walked out of the restaurant and said 'Very Good, Very Good' So we took their word and headed in. We were all pleasantly surprised with the food. It was amazing! I had the best brisetta and lasagna ever! Jesse had ravioli and a Mariana pizza. We were all very happy that we happened to run across this place!

Jesse and I headed back to our hotel and on our way had to stop and get some more gelatto!

Rome - Day 4 Thursday

Thursday we got up and ate some breakfast then headed to the Colosseum for the day. We hopped on the Metro (which was the first Subway/Metro I had ever been on) and once we got off we found a guy advertising a English tour of the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Roman Forum. So we signed up and went on a hour tour of the Colosseum that was very interesting! I loved to hear about the Colosseum. After our tour we had about an hour to wander around and take some photos. Then we met up with another tour guide that took us to Palatine Hill which was were Rome actually all began. We saw the oldest structure (what is left of it) in Rome on the Palatine Hill. After the tour we walked down past Muesli's Palace and then headed back to the Hotel. Jesse and I had a dinner we were going to with on of the General Partners on the trip. There were about 8 couples at dinner and we had a great time talking with everyone. The restaurant was pretty good and was just a real fun evening.

Rome - Day 3 Wednesday

Wednesday we woke up and went down for breakfast. The breakfast was not to bad there at the Hotel. After breakfast we actually went back to our room and slept for a bit. We were both so exhausted and needed some sleep. We went out after our nap and went back to the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain to see them in the day. We stopped in and shopped in alot of the little shops around those two places which was alot of fun. Then we headed back to the Hotel in time to get ready for our dinner we were going to. We went with the Edward Jones group out to a family run Winery/Restaurant North of Rome. It was about a 30 minute bus ride. They had closed down the entire restaurant for our group that night and it was so much fun! The food was AMAZING and the people were so much fun. After dinner they had grape stomping for those who wanted to do it. They had guys walking around singing and playing the guitar and accordion which was great entertainment. They had two ladies out actually making the noodles from scratch right out in the restaurant so you could watch how they did it. All of the pasta dishes we ate the entire week never really had that much sauce on them and you could actually taste the homemade noddles which were to die for! After dinner we headed back to our Hotel to get some sleep.

Spanish Steps

View from the top of the Spanish Steps

Fountain at the bottom of the Spanish Steps

Trevi Fountain

Rome - Day 2 Tuesdsay

Tuesday when we got up Jesse had a meeting that started at 8:00am and then I had to be down for a meeting at 10:15am. I headed down in time to eat breakfast and go to our meeting. After the meeting we had a hour or so before we were going on a city tour with the Edward Jones group. We rode in great big coaches around town and then we went to the Vatican. We took a tour of the Vatican for about an hour and a half. The Vatican was very interesting. All of the artwork in there looks painted but is actually mosaic. There were pieces that looked like tapestry but really was a mosaic piece. They had a statue that had Holy Water that you could touch and you could also pass by and rub Peter's feet. We actually skipped on both those things but was interesting to learn why people would do it. There was a Pope that had died in 1962 that they injected formaldehyde in was on display in a glass coffin. After the Vatican tour we drove past a few more places and headed back to the Hotel. For dinner that night we walked down a couple blocks from our Hotel and had dinner at a place called Aurora 10. It was an small little place that had been recommended to us. The food was okay. We were a little disappointed but oh well. After dinner we walked to the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. They are both really beautiful all lite up at night. We found a nice little shop and had so wonderful Gelatto and headed back to our Hotel for the night. The time difference was really hard to get use to and so being out real late a nights was hard. We both needed full nights rest or we were useless the next day.